Aphelinus abdominalis / Aphidius colemani / Aphidius ervi / Aphidius matricariae

Aphi-Mix-System is recommended in many vegetable, ornamental and small fruit crops where aphid control is a big challenge, especially due to the crop sensitivity, the diversity of plants within the same growing area or presence of different aphid species.
This product is composed of four species of parasitic wasps and covers most of the aphid species for which a previous identification of the aphids is not needed.
A female parasitoid lays about hundred eggs and may attack up to three hundred aphids in the attempt and process of parasitism. Most of the eggs are laid during the first four days.



Packaging: 100 ml plastic tube

Contents: 125 A. ervi, 250 A. colemani, 250 A. matricariae, 125 A. abdominalis

Carrier: buckwheat


Local regulations may impose restrictions on the use of this product. Contact your authorities or contact your Biobest consultant.

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