Dyna-Mite® G-System

Euseius gallicus

E. gallicus is a polyphagous predatory mite, preferring mainly whitefly and thrips. It also feeds on pollen and in a certain degree on spider mites, tarsonemid mites and eggs of various insect pests. Compared to other predatory mites, Dyna-Mite® G-System (E. gallicus) is the solution of choice in roses because of its ability to establish a population in combination with NutrimiteTM. Biobest is conducting tests in crops where E. gallicus has a high affinity. Consult a Biobest advisor for further details.

Regulations: The use of Dyna-Mite® G-System (E. gallicus) is currently limited to countries in which regulatory approval has been obtained. As of early 2014 the use in the Netherlands, Belgium and France is approved. Regulatory approval in other countries is being sought. Please consult with Biobest for full information.


Dyna-Mite® G-System

Packaging: 1 l cardboard tube

Contents: 10.000 predatory mites

Carrier: vermiculite


Local regulations may impose restrictions on the use of this product. Contact your authorities or contact your Biobest consultant.

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