Nesidiocoris tenuis

In Mediterranean countries the predatory mirid bug Nesidiocoris tenuis has become an important player in the battle against whitefly in vegetable production, such as tomato and eggplant.  This bug is closely related to Macrolophus pygmaeus and shares similar behaviour and prey range. Both adults and nymphs have a large appetite and feed on several species of insects and mites. The eggs and larvae of whitefly are its primary prey, but it also feeds on the eggs of the South American leafminer Tuta absoluta. Once its population is at full strength, it turns into a highly efficient predator, safeguarding the crop against unexpected infestations. In order to optimize control of whitefly, a combined release with whitefly parasitoids is the best strategy.

The use of the alternative food sources Nutrimac and Artemac results into a boosting effect of a N. tenuis population and helps to maintain and disperse it in the crop.







500 bugs

250 ml tube



Nesidiocoris can occasionally cause crop damage (such as poor fruit setting, flower drop, feeding spots on fruit, irregular shaped flowers, clusters and fruits) when the following conditions occur:
•    A large population of Nesidiocoris in the crop: 100 or more bugs per plant or 50 bugs in the apical zone;
•    Few or no prey available;
•    Reduced fruit set caused by unfavorable climatic conditions or strong vegetative growth;
•    Sensitive crops and varieties, e.g. cherry tomatoes and small-truss tomato types.


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Local regulations may impose restrictions on the use of this product. Contact your authorities or contact your Biobest consultant.

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