General Manager Biobest Antalya

Biobest, headquartered in Belgium, is a leading player in pollination and biological control. The company reaches out to growers in over 60 countries. Through its subsidiaries, the company has production sites, sales and technical support staff strategically located across the globe for effective worldwide service. Biobest distributors in many countries are key partners with whom the company works very closely to help customers achieve their economic and ecological goals.

The General Manager (GM) Biobest Antalya has overall responsibility to manage the Company with an entrepreneurial attitude. As an affiliate of Biobest NV (Belgium) and Antilsan the role reports to the board of Biobest Antalya and to the CEO of Biobest NV and works closely with members of the global executive committee of Biobest NV. in their respective areas of responsibility.

The General Manager of Biobest Antalya is also responsible to manage Biobest Antalya’s branch offices used for sales & distribution purposes.

  • The GM has primary responsibility for the organization's operations. This person sets the overall strategic direction for Biobest Antalya in cooperation with the Biobest Group and Biobest Antalya’s board and represents the organization for non-corporate purposes

  • The GM is responsible for the profitability and growth of Biobest Antalya and directs the establishment of long-range plans, strategy and policy. This function manages the line and staff operations.

  • The GM takes responsibility to prepare the annual budgets and objectives of Biobest Antalya in line with the strategic objectives of the Biobest Group. The person participates in the Global Management Review to discuss and review strategy and to present the status of progress at Biobest Antalya; the GM reports and reviews progress in different business areas (sales, operations, finance, business development and R&D ) to Biobest Antalya’s board and members of Biobest NV global executive team on a regular basis and during their visits to Turkey.

  • The GM works closely with the local management team to ensure coordinated action of the entire organization towards agreed objectives; the person will enable the further development and improvement of our distribution system and sales channels and facilitate the development of the IPM market. The GM will help on the optimization of the logistic processes and, in close collaboration with the operations manager, will empower the improvement of yields, quality and further professionalization of the operations.

  • Specific R&D projects related to Turkey will be executed in close collaboration with our group R&D Director.

  • The GM organizes regular management meetings, bringing together team members from across Turkey, and interacts regularly with the direct reports to monitor progress and to support decisions of general interest. The GM participates in important company meetings both in Turkey and elsewhere, e.g. in SIOP meetings, sales meetings, operations meetings, finance & budget meetings etc.

  • The GM ensures that monthly and annual financial, sales and operational reports are provided in a timely manner to Biobest Group and to Biobest Antalya’s board, flags deviations from plan and proposes and takes corrective action as may be required. The GM also ensures compliance with all local regulations and Biobest Group’s rules of conduct.

  • The GM is available in support of the management team members to prepare or to participate in selected meetings with key customers, suppliers or partners that have a significant potential impact on the company’s business.

  • The GM takes responsibility to set up local company policies in line with Biobest Group policies (e.g. with regard to organization of the work, administrative procedures, ordering processes, SIOP & financial controlling) and ensures, in interaction with the team, that these are implemented and complied with.

  • The GM is a key resource person to the entire team to support team motivation and coordinated action towards shared objectives.

  • The GM has 10+ years of experience in the agricultural industry and preferably an agricultural engineer degree.


Please send your motivation letter and Curriculum vitae to jobs@biobestgroup.com

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