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Eastern NA Region Sales Manager

Duties, Responsibilities and Guidelines

The duties, responsibilities and guidelines for this position will evolve over time as the situation changes with respect to products and services offered by Biobest. The position will be responsible for managing all sales activities for Biobest NA Eastern region and oversee the day to day management of the Sales Team and distributors in Eastern Canada and Eastern USA. The duties, responsibilities and guidelines are generally described as follows:

  1. To achieve the business plan objectives for the territory (to be developed with the North American Commercial Manager);

    • Managing the sales team and all sales activities within the company;

    • Directly managing key accounts in the region, Distributors in particular;

    • Motivating and leading the team to achieve sales targets.

    • Setting sales targets and activity key performance indicators.

    • Training and improving the Sales Team for continued success.

    • Ensuring all administration for sales is completed effectively.

  2. To understand customer needs and requirements and assist the sales team in providing these needs;

  3. To coordinate/communicate with other Biobest sales representatives (Inside Sales, Technical Sales) and other Biobest staff when necessary to ensure high-quality customer service;

  4. To understand the general technical knowledge and expertise all Biobest Sales members understand and be able to communicate with customers about our products and services;

  5. To introduce new Biobest products and/or technology to all potential customers;

  6. To provide regular reports to the North American Commercial Manager on individual KPI progress, sales activities (Biobest and Competition), etc.;

  7. Identifying, interviewing and selecting new members of the sales team;

  8. Visiting customers and potential customers alongside sales team members;

  9. Developing multi-layer relationships with Key Accounts;

  10. Identifying/Assigning leads and following up on opportunities to generate sales;

  11. Arranging to attend industry conferences and events;

  12. Networking with companies in the industry;

  13. Shall have such duties and responsibilities as are assigned to him from time to time by management of the Company;

Education and experience

  • Horticultural/agricultural college/bachelor’s degree

  • The ideal candidate will have at least 5 years of experience as a sales manager in a related profession

Requirements Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

To be considered for the position of Eastern Region Sales Manager, applicants must have the skills and other attributes shown below:

  • Be proficient with Word, Excel, PPT and other computer programs

  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written

  • Self-starter with strong personal discipline

  • Capacity to work remotely with several teams

  • Possess the ability to effectively manage time and carry out multiple tasks together within a period

  • Strong listening and presentation skills

  • Familiarity with the standard practices, concepts, and procedures within the field gives you a competitive edge

  • A certain level of creativity and flexibility is required of this position

  • Organizational and Customer service skills


English, Spanish and/or French an asset


Leamington, Ontario – alternatively in Romulus, MI. Position requires traveling >50% of the time.



Who we are

Biobest has a strong company culture. The successful candidate will identify with who we are:

  1. We are passionate about contributing to sustainable agriculture.
    • People with passion can change the world for the better.

    • We believe that sustainability is also about integrity and respect

  2. We satisfy, service and delight our customers.
    • We supply the highest quality pollination and sustainable crop protection solutions, on time and in full.

    • Serving our customers better is the basis for all our decisions.

  3. We support team member happiness and excellence
    • We strive to create a positive work environment where motivated team members can flourish and succeed to their highest potential.

    • We appreciate effort, excellence and pro-active initiative and do not hesitate to express our gratitude and encouragement to each other.

    • Trust is earned when actions meet words.

    • We value your constructive opinion and contribution.

    • Speak in such a way that others love to listen to you.

    • Listen in such a way that others love to speak to you.

  4. We believe in the power of collaboration
    • We are each first of all part of one or more business processes and only thereafter part of a department. We always look at the entire process and avoid sub-optimizing just our own part.

    • We love to share. Information and knowledge become power when they are shared.

    • We like to have fun and pleasure. We celebrate successes.

  5. We continuously strive to improve everything we do.
    • We pick our battles wisely and spend our energy on those things which have the biggest impact for our company, our customers and the world.

    • If it is possible to make mistakes, then we need to redesign the system instead of wasting energy on blaming. We always look for the root cause.

    • We speak in terms of opportunities and solutions and not in terms of problems. Every problem is an opportunity to do it better.

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